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Are You a Humanist?

Take our quiz to find out!


  1. Morality should be grounded in what will serve our neighbors and our world best.

  2. I believe that human beings are the agents to make the world a better place

  3. I can be a cultural Christian, (or Jew, Muslim, etc.) and also be a humanist.

  4. Humanism is not a religion.

  5. Moral responsibility can be taught without coercion or instilling fear in people.

  6. When a person becomes sick, it is due to natural causes (rather than divine punishment).

  7. Scientific facts and the best available evidence should be employed when forming the basis of a belief or opinion.

  8. While everyone should be free to hold their own beliefs, school curricula should be grounded in historical facts and          scientific evidence.

  9. Publicly-funded schools should not promote or teach any particular religious viewpoint.

  10. I try to exercise compassion toward others, even when I disagree with their worldviews.

  11. I believe we all have intrinsic value as human beings, and that we should live our lives to the fullest of our own potential while helping others to do the same.

If you answered "True" to some of these questions, you may be a humanist! You can find out more about humanism and our group by coming to one of our events. Check out the events page for a current list.

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