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Dark Energy - Dark Matter

In this video, you will follow the history of Astonomical science discovery from the Greek philosophers up until today. This discovery culminates with the understanding that there are unknown forces in the universe that need further study. These forces have been labeled dark energy and dark matter.


We're humanists and freethinkers and we are happy you have come to our web site.  Our site is designed to provide a central information area for our community. You can find out about our upcoming events, current topics of interest to humanists, a community for discussion on relevant topics and much more.

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What We're About

The Humanists and Freethinkers of Fairfield County (HFFC), Connecticut, seeks to promote Humanism and free thought in our community.


HFFC has something for every interest. Many of our activities provide learning and discussion. Others are for socializing or just plain fun.
Our monthly dinner meetings have a variety of programs, including prominent speakers such as Steve Novella, author of The Skeptics Guide to the Universe and Mike Reiss, head writer for the tv show "The Simpsons. "

Special interest groups include book discussions, science readers group and movie nights, We also have social action activities. Special activities  include the Darwin Day Dinner in February, and Winter and Summer Solstice parties.

We invite you to attend any of our events or activities to meet us and learn how friendly we are.

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