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Nothing Fishy About This Place Except Good Fish

We had a fantastic seafood feast at Mr. Crab Seafood and Bar in Bridgeport, CT! Cajun style and Northeast style seafood options, including The ‘Feast for Four’ (below photo) that included shrimp, mussels, clams, snow crab, and crayfish, made a delightful meal. And enjoying a bowl of great New England-style clam chowder was the perfect addition to the feast.

It was wonderful to share this experience with friends and new acquaintances. Having good company can make any gathering even more enjoyable. It's also great to hear that Sheila, your organizer, made the event memorable.

Next month, you mentioned that you'll be heading to Rosy Tomorrow's in Danbury. It seems like you have an exciting culinary adventure planned. Rosy Tomorrow's is known for its unique dining experience, so I hope you have a fantastic time there as well.

Glad you enjoyed your seafood feast and have a wonderful time at Rosy Tomorrow's next month!

Written by chatGPT with a few edits along the way.

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