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Steve Novella on Science Denial and Evolutionary Theory… and Climate Change?

At the 2020 Darwin Day Dinner, speaker Dr. Steve Novella spoke about "Science denial, Darwin and Evolutionary Theory."  He talked about the several logical fallacies science deniers use and how he and other scientists refute them. 

During his talk I kept wondering, "Why is Novella focusing on denial of evolution when denial of climate change is having such a huge impact now and for future generations?"  So after his talk, I asked him.  Steve's response had several parts: 

1) It's not a matter either/or, but and.  It's not refuting evolution denial or refuting climate change denial.  We need to refute science denial about evolution, climate change, vaccines and other areas.  Since his talk was for the Darwin Day Dinner, and Charles Darwin was so key to evolutionary theory, talking about evolution was most appropriate. 

2)  The same people are engaged in evolution denial and climate change denial. ( I didn't know this, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised.) 

3)  The approaches for science denial in climate change are very similar to those used in denial of evolution. So if you understand how to refute one kind of science denial you are in better position to refute another. 

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