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Both sides "ready for battle" over vaccines
In Legislation
Amy Ewing
Feb 14, 2020
COUCH ACTIVISM: Even if you cannot take the time to go up to Hartford Wednesday 2/19/2020, you can support the proposed Repeal of Religious Exemption for Vaccines. A 2/13/2020 Email from Pat McCann spells out how to comment on the proposed Repeal of Religious Exemption for Vaccines. Here is his text: The bill to repeal religious exemptions for vaccines needs your support by submitting written testimony to as soon as possible or to testify in person at the public hearing on Wednesday Feb 19th in Room 2E of the Legislative Office Building located at 300 Capitol Ave #5100, Hartford, CT 06106.  Getting there by 7:00am would be prudent.  I will be there. Please note:  While the anti-vaxxer lobby in our state has small numbers it is very vocal so every small thing you can do to support this bill will be very helpful in making sure our government makes the rational decision To expedite your written testimony I have attached a Microsoft Word document that you can use as a template.  Just follow these instructions: 1. Download the attachment to your computer and open the document. 2. Modify it as you see fit:  use your own reasons why you support the bill, add your name and contact information. (If you would like to read the bill or see all the other testimony once it is available, you can visit the bill's web page here.) 3. Save the document as a PDF, append your last name to the title of the document 4. email the PDF to

Amy Ewing

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