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A Night to Remember: Our 10th Annual Winter Solstice Extravaganza

The Winter Solstice, a magical time when the days are shortest and the nights are longest, was celebrated on Thursday, December 21, in grand style at Rizutto's Oyster Bar & Restaurant in Westport, CT. Over 40 spirited individuals gathered to embrace the season's cheer at a festive event that featured a hat contest, trivia, a heartwarming rendition of "Imagine" as a group karaoke, and a signature Solstice Drink that warmed both hearts and spirits.

The Rizutto's setting with its cozy ambiance and warm hospitality, provided the perfect backdrop for the Winter Solstice party. The venue was adorned with twinkling lights, festive decorations, a roaring fire with a swordfish above it, and an inviting atmosphere that welcomed guests into a world of seasonal joy that included our greeters, Ruth and Sheila.

Hat Contest Extravaganza: The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the hat contest, where attendees showcased their creativity and festive spirit. From classic Santa hats to elaborate winter wonderland creations, participants went all out to impress the judges. Laughter and cheers filled the air as each hat made its way down the makeshift runway, making the decision for the judges no easy feat. Have no fear, just like little league, everyone who showed off their hat and the tale that goes with it were gifted by the MC of the night, Anita. And, if you play the card game Bridge, you will know what 4 Aces represent and have a chuckle.

Winter Trivia Delight: As the evening unfolded, participants tested their knowledge with a Winter Trivia session that brought out the competitive spirit in everyone. Questions ranged from historical information to pop culture references, keeping the atmosphere lively and engaging. John did a great job in stumping even the best of the trivia personas in the audience. Did you know that there are three capital cities of South Africa and that none of them are Johannesburg? No prizes awaited those who could prove their winter wisdom, but the personal satisfaction of your table besting the others added excitement to the festivities.

Group Karaoke: Imagine: A collective hush fell over the room as the first chords of John Lennon's "Imagine" filled the air. Well, the hush fell over the room since Paul did know how to turn the volume up on the karaoke machine initially. But the Winter Solstice party-goers still joined together for a heartwarming group karaoke performance that transcended the typical holiday jingles. The unity and harmony in the room echoed the spirit of the season, reminding everyone of the power of togetherness.

Solstice Drink: A Toast to Winter: No winter celebration is complete without a signature drink, and Rizutto's did not disappoint. The Stormy Solstice Drink, a carefully crafted blend of organic cider, ginger beer, and dark rum, proved to be a hit among the guests. Its warmth and spice perfectly complemented the crisp winter air, creating a sensation that mirrored the coziness of the season.

Conclusion: Anita and Rizutto's truly outdid itself with a Winter Solstice party that will be remembered for years to come. The hat contest, trivia, group karaoke, and the delectable Solstice Drink all contributed to an unforgettable night of celebration, joy, and camaraderie. As the partygoers left the venue with smiles on their faces and the spirit of the season in their hearts, it was clear we had successfully captured the magic of the Winter Solstice.

There were 4 hat categories: rationale, seasonal, creative and silly

Host Anita and greeters Sheila and Ruth by the fire with the fish

The Youth came out.....WooHoo!

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