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It was Polka Time!

Well, more exactly, it was Polish cuisine at the Warszawa Restaurant in Ansonia, CT for the Foodie Group. Filled with lots of fun chat, the group enjoyed time together on a rainy spring day.

Some of the foods that were tried included:

Bigos – a rich, much-loved Polish stew which is sometimes translated into ‘hunter’s stew’ is made with various types of chopped meats, sauerkraut and shredded fresh cabbage.

Pierogi. Pierogi are filled dumplings containing either meat (beef or pork), sauerkraut and mushrooms, potatoes and cheese and, while not at this restaurant also fruit or chocolates.

Placki ziemniaczane are potato pancakes. Thousands of Polish families relied on placki ziemniaczane as a replacement for bread, a scarcity during Poland’s economic hardships, and they’ve since become very important to the country’s culinary tradition.

Polish golabki (translating directly it means ‘little pigeons’) is cooked minced meat (again, either beef or pork), often with onions and mushrooms, wrapped up in a leaf of white cabbage and stewed.

Come join us next month when we go Jamaican at the Tropical Island Spice in Norwalk. You’ll be glad you did, and you won’t have to cook or clean-up after.

Let’s Polka!

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