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The Bat and the Egg

February was good month for community theater.  5 HFFC members went to see Bat Boy at the little theater in the Edgerton Center for The Performing Arts at Sacred Heart University. I went, expecting to want to leave during intermission. Big surprise!!! I loved it as did the others. It was witty and funny and very well acted and staged. We all agreed it had earned its rave reviews.


From the website, ‘Based on a story in The Weekly World News, this musical comedy/horror show is about a half boy/half bat creature who is discovered in a cave near Hope Falls, West Virginia. For lack of a better solution, the local sheriff brings Bat Boy to the home of the town veterinarian, Dr. Parker. He is eventually accepted as a member of the family, but when he naively tries to fit in with the narrow-minded people of Hope Falls, they turn on him.’ Only to later find out the origins of his life.


Six of us went to see "It's Only a Play" at the Wilton Playshop on two separate dates. It was wonderful...mostly because Terrence McNally was a great playwright and the play had been updated (including a Travis Kelce designer jacket, Hamilton references, and so much more).  McNally died at the beginning of the pandemic from Covid.


From the website ‘A wealthy first-time Broadway producer, Julia Budder, is throwing an opening night party for The Golden Egg at her luxurious Manhattan home. The playwright, Peter Austin, is joined by the director, a lead actor, and assorted friends and hangers-on (including a critic) as they nervously wait for the late-night reviews printed in the newspapers. Not discouraged by the bad reviews for The Golden Egg, the assembled parties eagerly make plans for their next play, which they know will be a hit.’


The acting was wonderful, and the costumes were both amazing and dazzling. The whole play is in one room of the home, and the staging for it was just perfect, including original artwork from Gini Frank Fischer (her site). The theater itself is both cozy and comfortable, offering refreshments at intermission and a cozy area to gather in. The only downside was the entrance as Wilton is finishing the bridge right next to the theater. Fortunately, there was a policeman there to direct traffic at the end of the performance. 


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