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"This Nightmare Was A Culinary Delight"

A dozen Foodies took their taste buds to the heart of Stratford, Connecticut on Saturday, January 27 to the Windmill Tavern. Lots to yap about, so let’s get started.


The website says the Windmill Restaurant is "One of the oldest neighborhood taverns in the country" has been a landmark in Stratford since 1934. The restaurant is named after the water pumping windmill that was located on the farm across the street. Once, described by a longtime customer as "Stratford's answer to Cheers," the Windmill Restaurant has been known by locals as the best place to get lunch or dinner and meet with friends old and new. The restaurant is home of the #1 hot dog in the country according to the Boston Globe. Once you try the Windmill, you'll be a regular! If I lived nearer, that last statement would be true.


This classic tavern also offers a unique blend of entertainment and gastronomic delights. From the thrill of Keno (plenty of pencils and slips on the tables), Trivia Night, Karaoke, Bands, Sports on TV, and their Merch, to the savory delights of the Windmill Nightmare Sandwich, this establishment has become a staple for both locals and visitors alike.


The foods were yummy! The Windmill Nightmare Sandwich was anything but a nightmare.  The grinder features layers of corned beef and pastrami with melted swiss, caramelized onions, hot peppers and a special sauce. It comes with fries, but you can substitute for one of a number of other sides.  Several in the groups had the Windmill Sampler, which is a sampling of pierogies, potato pancakes & the wurst (not worse) platter. Yes, someone tried their famous dogs as well. And, yes, there was good beer selections too!


Another Nightmare? Did you know we ate at the Windmill Tavern by accident? The Tale of Two German Restaurants: This will be a short tale, kind a like a bunny tail.  Our Foodie leader, Sheila, had thought we were going to a German restaurant in Bridgeport (at least that was the intent). When she arrived at the Windmill Tavern, she was taken aback that the restaurant did not look like it did on the website. But it all worked out fine. Perhaps the place Sheila initially thought we were going to will surface in out foodie future.


The Nightmare sandwich and the accidental restaurant confusion nightmare were all GOOD! The only thing close to a nightmare is the parking. The taverns’ parking lot is not big, and depending on the time of day you go (like a Saturday luncheon), you can expect to street park as the place is popular and was busy.


So, whether you're a local or a visitor exploring a fun restaurant with good food, the Windmill Tavern promises an unforgettable journey of taste and community. Go sometime if you are in the area. Two greasy thumbs up!


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